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You want to believe.

We can help.

Every one of us is unique.

Whether you are an experienced Ufologist seeking a different sort of insight into the possibilities that exist at the edges of our day-to-day experience, a science fiction fan with a desire to explore an exciting new approach to narrative, or simply an open-minded and inquisitive person, an Abduction Experience™ from Alien Abductions Incorporated has something exceptional to offer you.

Pick one of our stock scenarios or design one from scratch, choose a solo experience or bring friends and colleagues for a group Abduction Experience™; whatever your needs may be, the team at Alien Abductions Incorporated is ready to help you extend your belief system using safe and immersive techniques developed by some of the finest minds in the Scientific Community.

If you're not ready (yet) for the immediacy of memory implantation, come to our resort and research facility to take advantage of access to the Abductalizer, our Para-abductology library, and our award-winning on-campus restuarant! Conduct your own research in a supportive, informed environment, or just relax and enjoy the amenities—it's all up to you!

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